Kevin Hart: What Now? (2016) , , film

United States:

282 days
Netflix [rent]
254 days
Redbox [rent]
254 days

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In the United States distributed by Universal the movie released in theaters on October 14, 2016 and on January 10, 2017 came out on dvd. Netflix (dvd by mail) set for February 7, 2017. Redbox rentals from February 7, 2017.
United Kingdom:

342 days
DVD (estimated)
?? days
Amazon [order]
?? days

Release Calendar (UK)

In the United Kingdom and Ireland movie released on November 11, 2016 and estimated to release on dvd in February or March 2017.

364 days
DVD (estimated)
?? days
JB Hi-Fi (estimated)
?? days

Release Calendar (Australia)

In Australia, «Kevin Hart: What Now?» released on October 20, 2016 and possible dvd release is in January or February 2017.

360 days
?? days
?? days

Release Calendar (Sweden)

In Sweden, the film was released in theaters on October 24, 2016 and we're estimating dvd to be released some time around February or March 2017.

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«Kevin Hart: What Now?» is a 2016 , , movie directed by Leslie Small. The film stars Kevin Hart, Dennis Keiffer and has an estimated budget of $10 million. The film released in theaters and grossed over $24 million worldwide (stats).

Plot: Comedic rock star Kevin Hart takes center stage in this groundbreaking, record-setting, sold-out performance of What Now?-filmed outdoors in front of more than 50,000 people at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field -- marking the first time a comedian has ever performed to an at-capacity football stadium.

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