The Secret Scripture (2016) film

United States:

4 days
Netflix [rent]
4 days
Redbox [rent]
4 days

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In the United States distributed by Vertical Entertainment the movie released in theaters on October 13, 2017 and on November 14, 2017 came out on dvd. Netflix (dvd by mail) set for November 14, 2017. Redbox rentals from November 14, 2017.
United Kingdom:

183 days
DVD (estimated)
?? days
Amazon (estimated)
?? days

Release Calendar (UK)

In the United Kingdom and Ireland movie released on May 19, 2017 and estimated to release on dvd in August or September 2017.

19 days
DVD (estimated)
±119 days
JB Hi-Fi (estimated)
±119 days

Release Calendar (Australia)

In Australia, «The Secret Scripture» releases on December 7, 2017 and possible dvd release is in March or April 2018.

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«The Secret Scripture» is a 2016 movie directed by Jim Sheridan. The film stars Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Reynor, Theo James, Eric Bana. The film released in theaters and grossed over $n/a worldwide (stats).

Plot: Roseanne McNulty (Vanessa Redgrave/Rooney Mara), a once vibrant and lively beauty in her youth, has spent the majority of her adult life confined to a mental hospital in rural Ireland. She has been institutionalized for so long, no one seems to remember why she was hospitalized in the first place.

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