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+ How to be a Latin Lover (2017) Comedy movie
BIG Release
#1: +237% (24h views)


60 = theaters
49 = dvd
49 = redbox
49 = netflix

(2017 film) Comedy
Maximo (Eugenio Derbez) gets the surprise of his life when his wealthy, 80-year-old wife dumps him for a younger car salesman. Forced out of his mansion, he must now move in with his estranged sister Sara (Salma Hay
+ Monster Trucks (2016) Action, Comedy movie
BIG Release
#2: +14% (24h views)


165 = theaters
77 = dvd
77 = redbox
77 = netflix

(2016 film) Action, Comedy
Looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, Tripp (Lucas Till), a high school senior, builds a monster truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars. After an accident at a nearby oil-dril
+ I Melt with You (2011) Drama, Thriller movie
SML Release
#3: +1% (24h views)


2027 = theaters
1946 = dvd
n/a = redbox
1946 = netflix

(2011 film) Drama, Thriller
An intense character drama about four college buddies who look within themselves and find emptiness when they have their annual summer reunion. This resurrects a pact they vowed to live, die, and kill by.