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Taking Woodstock (2009)

Taking Woodstock (2009) Poster
120 min - Comedy, Music
   director:  Ang Lee
   starring:  Demetri Martin, Henry Goodman, Edward Hibbert
The year is 1969. Change is brewing in America, and the energy in Greenwich Village is palpable. Elliot Tiber (Demetri Martin) is working as an interior designer when he discovers that a high-profile concert has recently lost its permit from the nearby town of Wallkill, NY. Emboldened by the burgeoning gay rights movement yet still tied to tradition in the form of the family business -- a Catskills motel called the El Monaco -- Tiber phones producer Michael Lang (Jonathan Groff) at Woodstock Ventures and offers boarding to the harried concert crew. Later, as the Woodstock Ventures staff begans arriving in droves, half a million concertgoers make their way to Max Yasgur's (Eugene Levy) adjacent farm in White Lake, NJ, to witness the counterculture celebration that would ultimately make history as one of the greatest events in the annals of rock & roll. Imelda Staunton, Emile Hirsch, Liev Schreiber, and Paul Dano co-star.

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1739 12/15/2009
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   United States 1739 12/15/2009
1850 08/26/2009
   Canada 1739 12/15/2009
1850 08/26/2009
   Australia Waiting... 1849 08/27/2009
   New Zealand Waiting... 1849 08/27/2009
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1789 10/26/2009
   Ireland Waiting... 1771 11/13/2009
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1842 09/03/2009
   Netherlands Waiting... 1828 09/17/2009
   Sweden Waiting... - -
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   Finland Waiting... - -

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IMDb Rating
 21,892 users
 252,171 users
 287 fans
 35 critics

Complete gross summary: BoxOfficeMojo

Distributor:  Focus Features
Budget:  $30 million
Week #1:  $3.5 million
TOTAL:  $10 million

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