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Captain Phillips (2013)

134 min - Action, Biography
Director -
Paul Greengrass
Starring - Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener, Max Martini
Synopsis: True story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years. The film is directed by Oscar (R) nominee Paul Greengrass, from a screenplay by Billy Ray and based upon the book, A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea, by Richard Phillips with Stephan Talty. The film is produced by Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, and Michael De Luca. (c) Sony

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         DVD / BluRay
211 01/21/2014
         DVD / BluRay
211 01/21/2014

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As of August 21, 2014
"Captain Phillips" DVD Release Dates:
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Avg 80-120 days
In theaters:
 United States 211 01/21/2014
102 days 313 10/11/2013
 Canada 211 01/21/2014
102 days 313 10/11/2013
 Australia 167 03/06/2014 - - - -
 United Kingdom 191 02/10/2014
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IMDb Rating
229,704 users
144,423 users
7,832 fans
48 critics

In Theaters:
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BUDGET:  $55 million
WEEK #1:  $25.7 million
TOTAL:  $218.8 million

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