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+ Masterminds dvd release dates
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(2016 film) Comedy, Crime
David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) is stuck in the monotony of driving an armored truck day in and day out, so when his work crush lures him into the heist of a lifetime, David's all in. Despite a pack of harebrained
+ Going the Distance dvd release dates
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(2010 film) Romcom
Erin and Garrett set out to have a romantic summer fling in New York City, but when Erin heads home to San Francisco, neither is sure they want to end it. With a lot of texting, sexting and late-night phone calls, t
+ Sleeping with Other People dvd release dates
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(2015 film) Romcom
Twelve years after a one-night stand, a man (Jason Sudeikis) and a woman (Alison Brie) run into each other and try to maintain a platonic relationship despite their mutual attraction.
+ Race dvd release dates
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(2016 film) Black, Biography, Sport
Young Jesse Owens (Stephan James) becomes a track and field sensation while attending the Ohio State University in the early 1930s. With guidance from coach Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis), Owens seizes the opportunit
+ The Book of Love dvd release dates
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(2016 film) Dramedy
Henry (Jason Sudeikis) is an introverted architect. After his wife Penny (Jessica Biel) is killed in a car accident, he sets out to help Millie (Maisie Williams), a homeless teen, build a raft to sail across the Atl
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