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Blockbuster: New Blockbuster Releases

Blockbuster has multiple methods for you to rent movies, TV shows and games. In store walk in, by mail, and you may exchange you movies received via mail either in store or by mail which offer more flexibility than its competitors. Blockbuster also offers Blu-Ray movies for no extra charge, and new releases are available in their store little sooner than other vendors. However, their customer service and late fees may become a major issue.

BLOCKBUSTER:   New & Upcoming Blockbuster Releases

Blockbuster is closing all of its video rental stores.

Dish Network announced November 6th, 2013 that it will shut down all remaining company-owned Blockbuster stores in the United States by early January 2014. The closure will affect around 300 remaining retail outlets as well as the company's distribution centers.

The Blockbuster By Mail service will be cut off in mid-December 2013. Only franchised and licensed stores in the US and abroad will keep their doors open. Good bye, Blockbuster!

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