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Family Movies - Best & new releases

The list of recent, new and upcoming Family movies released on dvd, blu-ray & streaming in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Navigate the best movies by popular online ratings to discover lists of good, bad & top hollywood Family films. Also, browse hottest films according to our user interest for the past 24 hours.

The Little Rascals Save the Day (2014) Poster

The Little Rascals Save the Day

2014: Comedy, Family
   director - Alex Zamm
The Rascals try anything to raise the money needed to save their grandma’s (Doris Roberts) bakery. The only trouble is – they just can’t seem to do anything right! From botched pet washes to terrible taxi service, they can’t raise a penny. Their only hope is to win prize money from the local talent show – but have you ever heard Alfalfa sing?...
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17% views
last 24 hours

0 gross
$8M budget

We Bought a Zoo (2011) Poster

We Bought a Zoo

2011: Comedy, Family
   director - Cameron Crowe
True story about a single dad who decides his family needs a fresh start, so he and his two children move to the most unlikely of places: a zoo. With the help of an eclectic staff, and with many misadventures along the way, the family works to return the dilapidated zoo to its former wonder and glory....
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Avg Rating:

12% views
last 24 hours

120M gross
$50M budget

Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight (2014) Poster

Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight

2014: Dance, Family
   director - Vince Marcello
Nine-year-old Isabelle is an inspired dancer with a flair for fashion design. She's thrilled to be studying ballet at a prestigious performing arts school but her classmates are so talented -- and she can't help feeling that she's always in the shadow of her "perfect" older sister Jade. So when her idol, a famous ballerina, encourages her...
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12% views
last 24 hours

0 gross

1 Chance 2 Dance (2014) Poster

1 Chance 2 Dance

2014: Dance, Family
   director - Adam Deyoe
When a seventeen-year old aspiring dancer is uprooted mid-semester of her senior year, she finds herself in a small East Coast high school where her heart will be divided between two boys, and she will have one last shot at making her big dream of becoming a dancer a reality....
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Avg Rating:

12% views
last 24 hours

0 gross

Dolphin Tale 2 (2014) Poster

Dolphin Tale 2

2014: Family
   director - Charles Martin Smith
It has been several years since young Sawyer Nelson (Gamble) and the dedicated team at the Clearwater Marine Hospital, headed by Dr. Clay Haskett (Connick, Jr.), rescued Winter. With the help of Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Freeman), who developed a unique prosthetic tail for the injured dolphin, they were able to save her life. (C) Warner Bros...
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12% views
last 24 hours

0 gross

Furry Vengeance (2010) Poster

Furry Vengeance

2010: Comedy, Family
   director - Roger Kumble
When ambitious real estate developer Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) relocates his family to rural Oregon to supervise the construction of a massive new subdivision, one resourceful raccoon rallies his woodland friends to fight back and shut down the project. As the battle between man and beast heats up, the hapless real estate developer...
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Avg Rating:

11% views
last 24 hours

36M gross
$35M budget

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